Maluku Contemporary Asian Cuisine
in Ubud

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Maluku Contemporary Asian Cuisine

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  • Ubud
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Ubud is a haven for food enthusiasts, and a new restaurant is adding to the neighborhood's dynamic culinary scene. Imagine a space of contemporary elegance where dishes are artfully blended with flavors from various Asian corners.

Located in the heart of Ubud at The Ubud Village Hotel's grand entrance, Maluku effortlessly melds tradition with innovation. Classic Balinese gems such as Nasi Prani and Bebek Tumpeng receive a modern makeover. The Nasi Prani, reminiscent of royal feasts, embodies balance and is served on the esteemed Dulang tray. Meanwhile, the Octopus Kalio, a fusion of grilled octopus and kalio sauce, alongside the flavorful Red Curry Rib, epitomizes Maluku's bold spirit. Thirsty? Quench your thirst with 'This is Maluku,' a captivating blend, and the Spicy Red Curry, a drink that captures the restaurant's essence.

Maluku Contemporary Asian Cuisine
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