Vacationing in Bali is more than just sun yourself on warm sand. This island holds unlimited charm which is rarely found elsewhere. So, while in Bali, set your eyes on unlimited new things and start uncovering new adventure! For your unbeatable holiday, consider these 25 Unique Experiences in Bali You Just Can't Miss.

1  Experience Sky Bike

Experience Sky Bike - Photo by @kendevo
Photo by @kendevo

Have you ever thought of cycling in the air? Yes, you read it right, we are talking about cycling yet it is not those down on the road. This thrilling activity we refer to offers you the feeling of cycling 20 meters above the ground and you can book one in Ubud Sky Bike.

As for its location, it also let you enjoy fresh greenery as you ride on the bike. Professional team and safety equipment are provided to make you enjoy your air ride to the fullest. When you decide to try it, make sure you are already seven years old or above and check with their team of what is to be aware of or if there’s any necessities you need to pay attention to.

2  Swing To The Sky

Swing To The Sky - Photo by @jeffisy
Photo by @jeffisy

Have you ever imagine swinging over the abyss? Try swinging in Ubud! Get your adrenaline racing as the swing takes you above the magnificent valley. It has become one of the favorite attractions in this island, as each swing moment sends a thrilling feeling.

Try once while you are in Bali and get a unique capture up there! Need our help to arrange one? Click here!

3  Swimming With Manta Ray

Swimming With Manta Ray - Photo by @benswanderlust
Photo by @benswanderlust

If Nusa Penida Island is one of your destinations in Bali, why don’t try swimming with Manta Ray? It would give both fascinating and tense feeling as the giant Manta Ray gliding near you.

Besides, the crystal clear water and stunning coastline will boost up your mood on your way to meet the 5-meters creatures! Planning for one? See our Deal Nusa Penida!

4  Don't Miss These 16 Incredible Rides at the Best Indoor Theme Park

Don't Miss These 16 Incredible Rides at the Best Indoor Theme Park - Photo by @transstudio.bali
Photo by @transstudio.bali

Trans Studio Bali is definitely a must on your Bali bucket list, and for good reason. This first indoor theme park in Bali offers 16 world-class rides spread across the Camera, Culture, Adventure, and Action Zones, catering to thrill-seekers of all kinds.

For just IDR 500,000, you get access to everything, even the exclusive rides. You can ride them as many times as you want, catch all the shows, feel the adrenaline rush on the coaster perched atop a building, experience the unique flying theater called 'Flying Over Indonesia', and more without worrying about rain. Plus, there are kid-friendly zones for the little ones

Must things to do in bali - Trans Studio Bali

Jl. Imam Bonjol No.440, Denpasar - Google Maps
Entrance Fees : IDR 500.000 per person (exclude iFly)

Opening Hours : 11 AM - 6 PM

Reservation :

5  Cliff Jumping And Natural Slides At Aling - Aling Waterfall

Cliff Jumping And Natural Slides At Aling - Aling Waterfall - Photo by @tabatatravels
Photo by @tabatatravels

How do you think jumping from a cliff will feel? Thinking about it makes heart beat fast, right? One of the waterfalls that can fulfill your desire for this cool experience is Aling - Aling Waterfall. This natural beauty is located in Sambangan Village, North Bali.

It will be even more amazing if it is combined with a tour of some other interesting tourist destinations. Want to see what we have planned for you? See our Deal – Explore Secret Sambangan!

6  Sleep Under The Stars At Bubble Hotel

Sleep Under The Stars At Bubble Hotel - Photo by @iamhp1712
Photo by @iamhp1712

What does it feel to sleep under the stars and having no boundaries with the surrounding nature? You can experience by spending your night at the Bubble Hotel. This bubble hotels located in Ubud and Uluwatu Area which allow you to get a different vibe on each location.


7  Watching Sunrise On Top Of Mount Batur

Watching Sunrise On Top Of Mount Batur - Photo by @imaginhogangrey
Photo by @imaginhogangrey

One of the other exciting adventures is watching the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur. If heaven does exist, it would seem like this. To be rewarded with this beauty, you have to climb up the mountain early in the morning.

The trip might be a bit exhausting especially for the first-timer, better go with experienced guards. Yet, this is an experience you will never forget, for sure! So, are you ready to plan your fabulous experience? Click here!

8  Taking The Sacred Bath At Tirta Empul

Taking The Sacred Bath At Tirta Empul - Photo by @anapaht
Photo by @anapaht

As you are searching for information about our island, Bali, you may hear about the ritual of bathing. One of the most famous venues for doing the rite is Tirta Empul. Taking the sacred bath at the Tirta Empul Temple is now one of the activities in the wish list of tourist visits to Bali.

Tirta Empul Temple's sacred springs are said to have been created by The God Indra and possessed curative properties. This is still the trust of the Balinese people. Visitors not only come from the local community but tourists from all over the world may come to marvel at its beauty,

9  Floating Breakfast

Floating Breakfast - Photo by @orangesisi
Photo by @orangesisi

Celebrates the holiday you deserve with floating breakfast over breathtaking view. It has been a trend to start a beautiful morning in Paradise Island. Many villas and hotels including those in Ubud, offer this wonderful activity.

Morning with sunrise, breakfast floats above the private pool, and of course fresh valley and rural air; just imagine making a heart full of peace. Well, if the hotel where you stay doesn't offer it, you can see our guide about. Deal – Ubud Swing and Floating Breakfast

10  Shopping In Ubud Market

Shopping In Ubud Market - Photo by @sarah_hsiao
Photo by @sarah_hsiao

Hunting for unique stuff and traditional craftsmen on vacation always sounds interesting. There so many venues you can choose from when you step in Bali. One of which is the Ubud Market. The famous Ubud market provides range of Balinese crafts, clothing, painting as well as accessories.

The place is packed with stalls that sell similar things. Don’t be bothered by sellers calling you to buy their stuff, just smile and pass by politely will work for this situation. You can get good quality products in affordable price if you put more effort and show off your bargaining skill. It’s fun, try it out.

11  Selfie With Monkeys

Selfie With Monkeys - Photo by @amandamferraz
Photo by @amandamferraz

Another activities that you might not want to miss is taking “wefie” with the monkeys. This may sound normal, but once you meet the monkeys, you can be served with a moment once in a lifetime. Sometimes the monkey gets cheeky that he may take a selfie with you.

So, visit one of the monkey sanctuaries and get some snaps. But don't forget to be careful of your belongings.

12  Take A Day Cruise To Lembongan Island

Take A Day Cruise To Lembongan Island - Photo by @balihaicruises_
Photo by @balihaicruises_

Don’t miss the chance to visit the beautiful neighboring island too and there's a great way to enjoy it, take a Day Cruise. Departing from the southern part of Bali, you will be taken to the pristine Nusa Lembongan Island.

With the high-end cruise, you can immerse into luxury as you enjoy the blue ocean. You can also enjoy some other activities included such as: snorkeling, lunch and stand up paddle boarding. We can help you make it, so check our deal here!

13  Go Paragliding Over Uluwatu Beach

Go Paragliding Over Uluwatu Beach - Photo by @satyawinnie
Photo by @satyawinnie

Are you an adrenaline-race lover? Beat your comfort zone by trying paragliding. Your journey will start from the golden beach at the famous Uluwatu beach and fly over the spiritual Bukit peninsula during this amazing paragliding flight.

Accompanied by professional pilots, you can enjoy the beauty of Uluwatu sacred temple from the air. This activity is very dependent on the weather, so you should avoid the rainy season.

14  Visit Penglipuran Village

Visit Penglipuran Village - Photo by @anotherdayoflove
Photo by @anotherdayoflove

Do you know that one of the world's cleanest villages is located in Bali? This peaceful village is located at bangle Regency and is called Penglipuran. The village is small, clean, and is home to the native Balinese who call themselves as Bali Aga.

The houses look similar to each other as they still preserve the old style of Balinese house compound. There is a temple at the end of the village that can be seen from its other end. There is an interesting story about an empty land on the southern end of the village.

The land is called Karang Memadu. This 9 x 21 meter vacant land is for the polygamy villagers, and it has never been occupied. Other than this, the village has many stories to discover.

15  Watch A Kecak Fire Dance

Watch A Kecak Fire Dance - Photo by @xeelavie
Photo by @xeelavie

If you go to Bali, take some time to enjoy Kecak Dance show. This is one of the typical dances that attract the attention of foreign tourists on this island. You can find one of the famous kecak dance shows performed near the Uluwatu Temple.

This iconic performance sets atop the Uluwatu cliff, offering astonishing view of the Indian Ocean. The combination of impressive dance and the use of human vocals to replace gamelan lends mythical atmosphere that perfectly suits the Uluwatu’s luring sunset.

16  Sun Downing At Tanah Lot Temple

Sun Downing At Tanah Lot Temple - Photo by @acecoolture
Photo by @acecoolture

The combination of the golden colors of the sunset and the beautiful scenery at Tanah Lot Temple is something you deserve to enjoy. As you’re watching the waves breaking on the rock, the sundown moment just feel right and warm with your family, friends and your beloved.

There are also many shops that offer Balinese handicrafts too, so while waiting for sunset, you can take your time to shop here.

17  Stroll Through Hydrangea Fields

Stroll Through Hydrangea Fields - Photo by @fernandosamalot
Photo by @fernandosamalot

The beauty of Bali is undeniable. Nature grows and preserved, some become a paradise for photography lovers. The newest instagrammable spot is the hydrangea field in Munduk Area, east part of Bali. The vast expanse of hydrangea flowers became stunning with the slight mist and Mount Agung as its backdrop.

Many people, including local tourists and foreigners, want to capture their moments when the flowers are in bloom. Really cool!

18  Morning Walk At Jatiluwih

Morning Walk At Jatiluwih - Photo by @merrwatson
Photo by @merrwatson

What do you think of starting your day with a stroll along the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces? The famous rice terraces offer fresh air and peaceful surrounding that is perfect for you to escape a moment from everyday life.

If you decide to come here, early morning is the best. Beside it offers a refreshing atmosphere, you feel like you own the beautiful rice terraces for yourself.

19  Visit The Highest Waterfall In Bali , “Sekumpul Waterfall”

Visit The Highest Waterfall In Bali , “Sekumpul Waterfall” - Photo by @lostandfoundwonders
Photo by @lostandfoundwonders

If you are also an adventurous soul, a waterfall sure sounds cool isn’t it? Then what about the idea of exploring Sekumpul Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Bali? This scenic waterfall is a cluster of 6 to 7 narrow cascades that form the centerpiece of a lush green bamboo forested valley, located in the north of Bali, which is in the Sawan area, Buleleng Regency.

It takes at least 3 hours if you depart from Seminyak or Kuta. This long journey will pay off with beautiful views along the road and also the beauty of the waterfall itself, Check our daily trip to Sekumpul!

20  Chasing The Dolphins At Lovina

Chasing The Dolphins At Lovina - Photo by @sufru
Photo by @sufru

If you decide to spend more time in the northern coast of Bali, meeting up with sweet dolphins can be added to your list-to-do. In order not to miss this moment, you should get up early and by riding a fishing boat you go to the sea through Lovina Beach.

As the day getting brighter you may realize that you are not alone, there are many people who want to see the little dolphins too. So use your chance to enjoy the beauty and don't forget to capture some in snaps.

21  Camping In Lake Buyan

Camping In Lake Buyan - Photo by @ti_tikk
Photo by @ti_tikk

You can also think of camping ideas. One of the favorite places to camp in Bali is Lake Buyan. The cool air and the beauty of foggy morning when you just comes out of your tent are moments making this idea of ​​great interest to many people.

It has a very strategic location around the outskirts of Lake Buyan. For those of you, who are bored with the hustle and bustle of the city, will really enjoy the atmosphere like this.

22  White River Rafting At Telaga Waja River

White River Rafting At Telaga Waja River - Photo by @netriderdesigner
Photo by @netriderdesigner

Well, you can also try White Water Rafting at Telaga Waja River. Located in the village of Muncan, Karangasem, this river is beautiful and the rapids are very pleasant. It's not too dangerous but it's still fun and the fall on the dam wall is amazing.

You can stop at the waterfall to enjoy the scenery a bit more and drink too. Oh, don't forget to take some pictures here.

23  Zip-Lining In Nusa Lembongan

Zip-Lining In Nusa Lembongan - Photo by @kaytvedt
Photo by @kaytvedt

If you have already tried rafting, snorkeling and still wanting something else, try the thrill of sliding off the cliff. You can try this on the island of Nusa Ceningan. Gliding over the sea with a splashy wave from one cliff to another, how do you think it feels? Isn't that really cool?

The staff will be ready to ensure security, and you will be connected to the channel with two cables. As you make it, enjoy these exciting moments and let your adrenaline race.

24  Escape To Gili Islands

Escape To Gili Islands - Photo by @anotherday_inheaven
Photo by @anotherday_inheaven

How long you will stay in Bali? If you have a lot of time, you can consider to visit the neighboring Islands for a more remarkable sensation. For instance, a short escape to Gili Island? Gili Island is identical to fine white sand and stunning blue sea, like a paradise hidden on earth.

On the island of Gili you will forget for a moment the noise of the city center because there are no cars, or any form of motorized vehicles to disturb the peace. Check our best accommodations in Gili Trawangan Meno Air!

25  Trying Out Coffee Luwak

Trying Out Coffee Luwak - Photo by @balipulina
Photo by @balipulina

Adventure is also about experiencing new taste, right? How about trying the world’s most expensive coffee that’s famous for its uncommon method of producing “coffee luwak”? Naturally fermented by the Asian Palm Civet or Luwak, the coffee offers a smooth and special flavor in its every sip.

26  Join Vegetarian Balinese Cooking Class At Kin Seminyak - Temporary Closed

Join Vegetarian Balinese Cooking Class At Kin Seminyak - Temporary Closed - Photo by @thebaliguideline
Photo by @thebaliguideline

(Temporary Closed) Thinking of starting your healthy diet and want to make a new encounter of vegan dishes? Why not trying the Vegetarian Balinese Cooking Class at Kin Seminyak? This enchanting activity allow you to see how fast and easy to make nutritious and tasty Balinese vegan dishes using natural ingredients.

This also take you closer to numerous herbs and spices. Not only it is satisfactory for your tummy but this will give you a different insight of vegetarian cuisine. It is available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starts from 3 PM to 6 PM. Book through their Facebook or Instagram and get 50% OFF. Don’t miss this chance!