1. Travel

Yes, we have a free travel consultation. Any questions about Bali, please email us at ask@thebaliguideline.com.

All of our tours are using English or Indonesian Speaking Guide. However if you want to request particular language, you can contact us through our email at ask@thebaliguideline.com. Please note that there is an additional cost for it.

2. Booking & Reservation

Once you complete your booking through our website, you will receive a order summary to your email. Please note that the order summary is not a booking confirmation.The booking is confirmed when you receive the voucher.

Not all activities voucher need to be printed out. You can refer to this indication below “How to Use”  If you are concerned that you may not have any internet connection at your destination, please ensure to print out a copy of your voucher before you travel.

After the booking is confirmed, you will receive your voucher. Every activities have different confirmation times which are stated on terms and conditions. Most of activities will be confirmed within 48 hours.

3. Payment

Your credit card number and personal information are encrypted and stored safely with our regulated third party secure payment gateway. Hence, we do not have any access to your credit card or any confidential information.

If you want to have cash payment, you can book through our email at ask@thebaliguideline.com Once it is confirmed , normally you have to pay at least 50% deposit through paypal or bank transfer and the rest of  the total amount will be collected upon arrival. Please note that not all activities can be paid by cash.

4. Collaboration

Usually for small and medium size business, we can do some collaboration or partnerships. You can email us at ask@thebaliguideline.com. However, we also provide a paid promote advertising where you can have a flexible date and better prioritize your post.

Yes, we accept partnership or sponsorship to help your event/product/service.For more information please email us at ask@thebaliguideline.com.

5. Refund & Cancellation

Please check your cancellation policy whether you are eligible for a refund. Then email us at ask@thebaliguideline@gmail.com. Or you can call to our office during office hour.

If you would like to cancel your booking, please contact us through email at ask@thebaliguideline.com. If it’s possible, we can try to reschedule your booking. In addition, kindly refer to cancellation policy to determine your refund amount. Please note that your booking is officially canceled when you receive our email that confirms your cancellation and refund status.