We believe that traveling is someone’s time to be their true self. To letting their mind absorb the wonders and ideas of new land, and Bali is the unerring place to achieve that. The entire island provides neverending surprises and stunning sights along with its famous nightlife. People can celebrate their freedom by surfing in the heaps of beaches, find the inner peace amongst the paddy fields in Ubud, or simply just eating and shopping to their heart’s content. Bali blends spectacular mountain scenery and beautiful beaches with the down-to-earth lifestyle, rich heritage, and warmth from its people.

Something wonderful must be represented by somewhat as wonderful. Cherished by this beautiful piece of mind, the two Balinese sisters who love traveling and photography established The Bali Guideline as the one and only facilitator to escort people to explore the world’s sacred holiday destination in a way they never imagine. We started in July 2014 by using Instagram as the platform to share new attractions, top places to visit, and best Bali accommodation deals. Later in 2017, we launched our website which hopefully will encourage more independent travelers to enjoy Bali on a budget or travel luxuriously.


Our teams are all based in Bali, hence we have experienced independently here in person. What you read on our website are our frank opinions about many things in Bali and surrounding areas. The Bali Guideline also provides you with guides and blog where you will find the ways to sleep, dine, shop, and get around the island along with the latest news. Kindly email us if you need a free consultation, especially for the first timer who are seek for advice or help to plan the itinerary.